Art gallery in Poznań

The ART VIP art gallery in Poznań offers sale and temporary rental of works of art (painting, graphics, sculpture, photography) from selected Polish artists.
ART VIP artistic activity is characterized by high professionalism. We care for a consistent customer image and high-quality service.
ART VIP collection gives the interior elegance, individuality and refreshes them and provides an extraordinary visual experience.





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Poznański Prestiż


Agnieszka Słońska-Więcek

Tomasz Perlicjan

Dominik Janyszek

Ewa De Luca

Beata Pflanz

Piotr Nogaj

Jarosław Powroźnik

Paweł Deska

Krystyna Róż-Pasek

Olga Bukowska

Dariusz Dencikowski

Beata Dencikowska

Arkadiusz Mazurkiewicz

Michał Mąka


Dominika Rumińska

Krzysztof Śliwka


Maciej Mańkowski

Paweł Deska


Ryszard Mańczak

The ART VIP art gallery was established at the beginning of 2020, but the idea itself germinated slowly and matured in the mind of the owner for many years. The reason was very simple – a passion for art that surrounds us at every moment of our lives, even when we do not notice it. Our gallery mainly offers sale of works of art in Poznań. It is also possible to rent temporary images. This form is recommended mainly to companies that want to change the interior from time to time.

All the works that can be found in our offer were created by native Polish artists. It is very important for us to cultivate Polish culture and art. Our dream is to make Polish art famous all over the world. As art merchants, we are not limited to selected styles. You can find abstract, realistic and modernist paintings with us. We are open to cooperation. Our most important partners are, among others: Sheraton Hotel in Poznań and Helvetia Furniture. This year we were also at the Meble Polska 2020 trade fair as exhibitors. Our works could be admired in furniture arrangements with Helvetia Furniture. We do not focus only on selling works of art in Poznań. Our clients are people and companies from all over Poland, and we are slowly opening to foreign markets.